What Sets Us Apart
• We do more then provide tours. We host. Small, intimate, and inclusive is our operating concept.

• Home-based in Cuba with a focus on Havana.

• Our tours, experiences, and activities are unmatched in the variety and access to local people we put you together with.
Cuba travel is anything but straightforward and reliable information is difficult to find. To help folks navigate all the unknowns, we provide savvy advise and guidance plus answer any questions about our offerings.

"Trip of a Lifetime"
"I have traveled quite a bit and never before used a travel service. But Boogalu has spoiled me. It made possible the kind of trip travelers crave - one where you get to meet real people and experience the true culture of the country. It really was a trip of a lifetime." ROXANNE, Houston Texas
Our Credo
We strive to preserve and promote "La Cubania". That special Cuban world view that affirms:
• pluralism in everything
• people come first
• life and art are not separated
• doing more with less
• honoring our roots
Potpourri of Life in Havana - 4 minutes