Boogalu Productions is culture and travel organization with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area and Havana. Founded in 2001, our group provides personalized travel and lodging solutions with a focus on Cuba.

Our Hosted In Havana programs are designed for travelers seeking an intimate and personalized experience of Cuba, and who want the most enriching experience possible by taking advantage of our expertise, local knowledge, and superlative travel services.

In all of our work we strive to preserve and promote "La Cubania". That special Cuban world view that affirms:
• pluralism in everything
• people come first
• life and art are not separated
• doing more with less
• honoring our roots 

Where does the name Boogalu come from ? 
Boogaloo or bogalú is a fusion of Afro-American soul music and Latin music that was invented as a cross over style to engage the music-dance communities in New York in the 1970's. We named the company Boogalu (mix of the two spellings) Productions to honor this rich tradition in the Americas of blending cultural expressions. 


ALEXANDER CORREA, Host-Guide Extraordinaire
Alexander is very gracious and bright young man. An intellectual and aspiring PhD candidate, he got his masters degree at the University of Havana in sociology as well as doing studies in Buenos Aires. Alex is highly knowledgable about the arts, music, history, and the best jazz clubs in Havana. He is also a superb cook. His specialty outdoor barbecue.

YAISEL MORA - Host-Guide Extraordinaire
Yaisel in one word... effervescent. She majored in language studies at the University of Havana and has been a professional guide for several years. Her passion is learning, studying, and absorbing all things related to Cuban society, culture, and life. Yaisel has a calm and engaging personality and will delight you with her mastery of the art of tour-guide.