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Havana City Tours > connect with places

Old Havana
Experience the revitalized colonial area of the city with a focus on it's history, grand architecture, and flourishing cultural life.

Central Havana
Many people want to see the "real" Havana. Learn about and experience the daily environment of most Cubans.

Havana Nights
Salsa, jazz, charanga, drinking haunts, fusion music, timba parties, and rumba shows. A nocturnal adventure to some of the best live venues in the city.

Classic Car City Tour
Every visitors dream ride in a classic convertible while discovering the history and lore of the city.

Rica Habana
The stylish zone of Havana. Embassies, villas, tropical forest, and a magic ceramic showcase of a town.

The untold story of this powerful and corrupt era in Cuba with visits to a selection of past Mafia enclaves.

Cooking Enrique
Enrique is a master chef that is taking traditional Cuban cuisine to the next level.

Hosted Experiences > interact with talented host-professionals

Cooking Enrique
Enrique is a master chef that is taking traditional Cuban cuisine to the next level.

Tobacco is central to Cuba's mystique and fame. What makes Cuban cigars the best in the world you will discover on this experience with Luis Alberto.

Spiritual Traditions
Hosted by Armando, explore what is the majority religion in Cuba with a trip to the nearby town of Regla - a stronghold of Afro-Cuban spirituality.

Havana has stunning examples of the major architectural styles of the western world; all with distinct Cuban elements. Your host, architect extraordinaire Alejandro.

Car Restores Meetup
Meet and talk shop with legendary classic car restorers in their home workshops.

Farm & Agriculture
Delve into the expanding local agriculture scene with Arien - a woman farmer and intellectual.

Artists In Studio
Visit cutting edge artists in their home studios. Talk with them about their interpretation of the Cuban reality.

Special Interest Activities > explore interests

Rum Tasting
Rum Tasting
This experience will cover the history of rum in Cuba, it's use and ways of drinking, and featuring a tasting session exploring the smell, look, and taste of 5 different rums.
Shopping Spree
Shopping Spree
Visit a eclectic selection of some of the more obscure and private shops in Havana that have unique clothes, collectables, edgy t-shirts, food, and art.
Photography Excursion
Photography Excursion
A photographic or video workshop-excursion under the guidance of a Cuban professional photographer.

Entrepreneurial Habana
Entrepreneurial Habana
Meet some of the movers and shakers in the capital who are changing the cultural landscape with their business innovations.

Belles Artes Museum
Belles Artes Museum
Take a trip into the visual, historical, and artistic landscape of Cuba with a visit to this grand museum, guided by an art historian.
Health & Beauty
Health & Beauty
Health and beauty activities that can include, gym workouts, physical therapy, beauty salons, and massage.

Nature Adventure
Nature Adventure
Hike and explore the incredible city park along the Almendares river and the huge Lenin Park just outside Havana.

Day Trips from Havana > venture out of the city

One of the most sought after destinations in Cuba. Dramatic landscape, tobacco farms, caves, vistas beyond description.

A splendid day at the beach near Havana or in Varadero to enjoy life next to the sea.

A rural adventure exploring the eco-village, artist studios, a coffee plantation, rivers, and a luxuriant botanical garden.

With our good friends the Amoros family. A small town non-tourist destination.

Workshop & Classes > do your passion

Cooking Enrique
Enrique is a master chef that is taking traditional Cuban cuisine to the next level.

Cooking Spanish
Make a sumptuous traditional paella inspired from the Spanish region of Valencia.

Salsa Class
Want to feel Cuban ? This dance class will get you started.

Center yourself while having a blast in the Capital.

Music - Dance Study
Serious about Cuban music or dance ? Study with world class artist-teachers.

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