American Classic Car Restores Meetup

Meet and talk shop with legendary classic car restorers in their home workshops.

activity type: experience
your guides: Boogalu host-guide & specialty host
location: private home workshops
languages: English-Spanish
duration: 4 hrs.
included: pickup & drop off
note: program changes may occur on occasion
booking: see options at bottom of page

American classic cars are emblematic of Cuba and their owners are quite proud of keeping their cars in fine shape with extremely limited resources. These men are true masters of invention.

The mechanics you will meet are accomplished classic car mechanic-restores and well known in the Havana car world. They also are featured in the recent "Cuban Chrome" TV series produced by the History channel.

Richardo Medel was originally trained as an engineer and for the past few decades has been restoring his own and other owners cars. He is highly respected for his knowledge and technical ability. His pet project is a classic Austin Healy coupe that he has been working on for many years. When you visit he will tell the full story (with photos) of his odyssey with his prize car.

Fernando Barral usually has several car projects going at once. One of his steady jobs is restoring and maintaining cars for some of the important cultural figures in Havana. He as well as Richardo are members of the Classic Car Club of Havana and within this community they share jobs, knowledge, tools, and resources. Fernando's prize car is his Model A Ford.

• Guests meet two mechanics in their home workshops. Often guests share photos of their own car projects and the Cuban mechanics do the same.

• The Cuban mechanics show their current projects and tell stories about their work and life in Cuba.

• Guests are welcome to ask questions no matter how simple or technical the subject matter.

• If cars are available guests can take a test drive with the Cuban mechanics.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES (with extra fees)
• Visit the Havana classic car museum. Housed are an amazing collection of classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles from 1910's to 1950's.

• Visit the monthly Havana Classic Car Club gathering at Lenin Park or other at locals (available only when the club meets).


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