A full day in Viñales to experience its incredible landscape of valleys and mogotes (limestone formation mountains ) along with an opportunity to learn about Cuba's famous tobacco culture, and sample the local cuisine.

• Visit an organic tobacco farm here one of the farmers will explain the art of tobacco cultivation and their unique organic system. He will demonstrate how cigars are rolled from different parts of the plant, show the sheds where tobacco is dried and stored, as well as demonstrate the best way to prepare and smoke cigars. The farm's organic cigars are available for purchase.

• "Cuevas del Indio" is a cave system inside one of the "mogotes" (limestone mountains) that are a distinctive feature of Viñales. Travelers will walk through a cavernous passage that terminates at a subterranean river. Small power boats then take travelers on a short boat ride down the river and out to a cave opening where you disembark.

• Lunch at Restaurant El Balcón del Valle. Located at a high elevation overlooking Viñales valley you will feast on traditional Cuban dishes while experiencing the spectacular panoramic view of the valley and mountains.

• Visit to Jardin Botanico (botanical gardens) de Viñales

• Optional Activities (extra costs may apply): horseback riding, nature walk in Viñales Valley, hiking up mogote mountains, exploring Viñales village with opportunities for crafts shopping.

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