Tobacco is central to Cuba's mystique and fame. What makes Cuban cigars the best in the world you will discover on this tobacco experience.

At the factory
The tour begins at one of the several legendary cigar factories in Central Havana. It will be lead by one the official tour guides of the factory doing a private tour for your group. You will see all the stages of traditional hand made cigar manufacture that began in the 19th century and continues to this day in Cuba. A highlight of the tour are the expansive galleries of wooden desks where the cigar rollers do their work of cutting, rolling, and pressing.

With the master
After visiting the factory guests will go to a private restaurant where they will be hosted by Luis Alberto, one of Havana's most prominent tobacco experts. Luis will treat guests to cigars and rum and provide a comprehensive overview of the tobacco culture of Cuba. Luis will recount some of the colorful history and lore of Cuban tobacco as well as give tips on cigar selection and smoking technique. Whether you are a cigar novice or a connoisseur, Luis will enlighten and enchant you with his mastery of the subject and good nature.

Tour type: car & walking
Your guide: Boogalu host-guide + specialty guides
Duration: 4 hrs.
Includes: entry fees
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