This tour will introduce travelers to the untold story of the Mafia in Cuba and cover the most important sites in this immense network of corruption.

Starting in the years of prohibition, Havana became a site of interest to American organized crime. Prohibition motivated mobsters from the East Coast of the US to make alliances with Cuban government authorities to ensure safe trade in rum and alcohol. Between 1936-1959 the American mafia built their empire in Havana and in the process established many large casinos and hotels where liquor sales, organized prostitution, gambling, and drugs were rampant.

• Your guide will narrate the story of the mafia in Cuba while touring these sites: Hotel Sevilla-Baltimore, Hotel Deauville, Hotel Capri, Sons Souci Cabaret, Hotel Nacional & Caberet Parisian, Montmartre Club, and Hotel Riviera.

• At many of the sites are old photos, memorabilia, and opulent rooms used as casinos and entertainment clubs during the mafioso era.

The above itinerary is an example tour and may change on any given day.

Tour type: city tour
Your guide: Boogalu host-guide
Duration: 4 hrs.
Transportation: car transport to various sites
Booking: see the options below


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