Encounter the religious and spiritual traditions of Cuba by meeting practitioners and going to spiritual sites.

Take a short boat trip on a ferry launch to Regla, a center of Afro-Cuban religion, across the bay from Havana. Go on a guided tour with a local man who has deep knowledge of the spiritual practices and traditions of Regla de Ocha, Palo, Abakuá, and Espiritismo. Included are visits to the town church "La Virgen de Regla" and the town museum that has an extensive collection of religious artifacts.

By car, travelers go to Callejon de Hamel, an Afro-Cuban community project that is replete with murals, art, and religious iconography. Your guide will be a practitioner of Santeria, the majority religion in Cuba. She will talk about the various African based religious traditions in Cuba, her religious practice, how religion is integrated into family life, plus she will recount some of the "pataquin" or mythological stories of the Orishas.

Tour type: walking, & car
Your guide: Boogalu host-guide + specialty guides
Iincludes: ferry and museum fees
4 hrs.
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