Every visitors dream ride in a 50's convertible while discovering the history and lore of the city.

One of the great charms of life in Cuba is the profusion of American classic cars that still provide transportation to the masses. A subclass of these cars are the fancy and colorful open air convertibles that take tourists throughout the city.

This car tour is a wonderful introduction to the city as it covers all the main districts of Havana and will make stops at 5 locations. During the tour your guide will enlighten you about the history and social importance of all the locals plus recount insider stories that will provide context for all you will see.

• Vedado and Plaza
:: stops at John Lennon Park, Hotel Nacional, Plaza de la Revolution

• Old Havana
:: the original colonial city

• Central Havana
:: Prado Boulevard, Capital Building, Grand Theater of Havana

• Regla
:: stop at the Christ statue with the majestic overlook of Havana Bay and the entire city

• Miramar - Playa - Almendares
:: the upscale part of town, stop at the forest park area along river Almendares. This is the "country" segment of the tour.

The above itinerary is an example tour and may change on any given day.

Tour type: city tour
Your guide: Boogalu host-guide
Duration: 3 hrs.
Transportation: car transport to various sites
Booking: see the options below


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